Farm Crew 2018

Canewater Crew 2016

Brendan Gannon

Brendan Gannon joined Canewater Farm as the Vegetable Production Manager in January of 2016.  He grew up in South Carolina's Lowcountry, but found his love for farming while living in New York, where he spent the last few years working in vegetable production on organic farms. 

Tired of New York's hard winters and missing the smell of pluff mud, Brendan is glad to be back in the Lowcountry and is excited to be part of the team at Canewater Farm.


John LaNeve


John LaNeve is Canewater's Operation Manager.  He moved recently to southeast Georgia from Florida where he was working as a boat captain.  He serendipitously arrived at Canewater during its infancy.  He is involved in all aspects of the farm.  His skills as a brilliant waterman have helped us develop the Canewater Oyster business.  He is a wonderful addition to the team.  His humor and easy-going attitude keeps us grounded.  He lives with his wife and four boys on their farm in Brantley County.


Chance Harper

Chance Harper has been a mainstay at Canewater since its inception. Though only 19, he teaches us all something new everyday.  He has the keen sense of a farmer that your only born with.  There is nothing Chance cannot do and he consistently puts in too many hours each week on the tractor in the field, or with the chainsaw.  Chance is currently heading back to school to be an Electrician.  Although he wont be full time anymore- we are sure he will log in more hours than any of us anyway!

Travis Harris

Travis moved to the low country of Georgia 6 months ago after leaving South Florida where he serviced life safety equipment for several years. He graduated from the University of North Carolina in 2011 with a bachelors in communications in journalism and is currently writing a book loosely based on his life in his off time. He enjoys the outdoors and experimenting with cooking.



Daniel Moss

Daniel grew up in coastal Georgia and got his start in food hawking sugary goodies in Savannah. From there he got pulled down the rabbit hole into organic farming through a community garden that sprang out of an abandoned parking lot. Before arriving at Canewater, he worked on organic farms from southern Pennsylvania to St. Croix.




Blythe Bourne

Blythe Bourne is a Georgia native, but she has spent most her life in Northern California. She spent the last three years working on a free range ranch in the beautiful oasis of Capay Valley. Blythe has her Associates degree in Cultural Anthropology, and is currently working towards her Bachelors degree in Environmental Sustainability. She hopes to use her knowledge to help people create ecological and sustainable gardens and homes. Blythe thinks the sand gnats are rough in the summer, but the sun rising over the farm in the morning makes it all worth it!


Trent Taylor


Trent Taylor is farmer, carpenter and can do anything guy.  Trent is one of our few true locals.  He lives in Brunswick, GA and also helps run his family's restaurant Nautico Joes in Darien. He works every afternoon and weekends building and repairing infrastructure that Rafe could only dream of accomplishing.  He is a natural at the market on Saturday's and he can knock out anything that ever needs doing.





Seth Stroud


Seth grew up in Toombs county, ga, before moving to Savannah during high school. I graduated from UGA with a BA English. He then worked in the restaurant industry in LA for a few years, giving him a passion for how food is grown.  He began farming in south Florida before returning to the west coast and working on a ranch in the central coast region. A desire to make a positive impact on the area where he is originally from led me to Canewater Farm.



Nick Harper


Young Nick Harper is workoig hard to fill the shoes (big shoes) of his big brother Chance.  He is learning quick- graduating from property work on weekends and after school to farm work on breaks and in the summer. Were thrilled to have him on the Canewater Crew and hope he doesn't pick up too much of the field gossip from Travis when were working.




Emmalou Bird Rivers


Emmalou Bird Rivers is the queen bee on the farm.  She is currently learning how to hang out of truck beds, ride the tractor, and eat every ripe tomato in the hoop house.





Rafe & Ansley Rivers

Rafe and Ansley Rivers own and operate Canewater Farm.

Rafe received a degree in Business & Environmental Ethics at the University of Georgia and a certificate in Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

He spent several years working on a wide array of organic vegetable and pasture based animal farms across the country including Georgia, Idaho, California, New Mexico and Vermont before starting Canewater Farm. 

Ansley received her BFA from the University of Georgia and MFA from California College of the Arts.  Ansley is an artist who converted a 1920s cabin named the Rum Runners into her studio at Canewater.  Her website is  She also runs an artist in residency program on the farm called the Thicket,

Ansley pulls late nights after her day job as an artist and mother to fine tune the Canewater brand, photography and design.  Without her, Canewater would still be stumbling around in the dark ages with no website.  The creative allure of our farm is all Ansley.  From grits labels to market and website design, she is the anchor that keeps these boys in
line at the farm.

Rafe & Ansley understood the Low Country was a growing market with a need for more farmers so decided to build their farming dreams in Southern Georgia. Along with the farm, the landscape provides adventure in the vast marshes, river systems, and barrier islands of the Low Country that they explore with their dog, Waylon and beautiful daughter Emmalou.